Vehicle Class

Vehicle Classes

Karhoo maintains a list of standard product types into which each Fleet options are mapped. To be considered each supplier has to conform to local licensing and regulations for private hire and metered taxi.

Below is list that indicates the description, typical vehicle models and typical capacity. The actual maximum capacity is part of the Quote response.


DEPRECATED - Use Vehicle Types & Tags

The use of Vehicle Class has been deprecated in favor of a more descriptive and flexible system of describing Vehicles.

Please see our Vehicle Types & Tags concept guide.

Karhoo vehicle Class


Typical Vehicles

Typical Passenger & Luggage capacity


A product that provides a standard class of vehicle with a standard service

Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Passat

4P / 2L


A product that is of an high-end executive class that is providing an premium service

Mercedes E-Class, Audi A5, BMW 5 class

3P / 2L


A product that provides a larger capacity vehicle with a standard service

Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan, Mercedes Vito

6P / 2L


A product that is of an all electric class providing a standard service

Nissan Leaf, Tesla

3P / 1L


A product that is of a rapid, motorcycle class providing a standard service

BMW C-Evolution

1P / 0L (hand luggage only)


A product that provides a taxi class service that is licensed within local frameworks

London Black Cab

4P / 2L


A product that provides vehicles that are accessible with a standard service.

London Black Cab

2P / 2L

Vehicle Classes in Quote and Booking responses

This is returned as part of the quote and booking response:
Quote: quote_items[].vehicle_class
Booking: vehicle.vehicle_class

(please note that in Quotes there is also a vehicle category. This can be disregarded as it is only used internally){id}
    "vehicle": {
        "class": "electric",
        "passenger_capacity": 3,
        "luggage_capacity": 2,
        "tags": [
          "electric", "taxi"
  "description":"Blue Prius Toyota"


What does capacity mean:
Karhoo is displaying the minimum that the Fleet is able to guarantee. E.g. a VW Passat with 4 Passengers only has room for an additional 2 large suitcases.

When do I receive the actual vehicle model:
The vehicle category (Saloon, Exec etc.) is part of every quote response. The actual make and model will be sent once a Driver is on Route (Status: Driver en-route)