This section clarifies the different IDs as part of the booking ID and helps Partners to understand which IDs to include on their systems or communication.

Trip IDs

Trip IDs and description

FieldDescriptionHow to use
id This is the long Karhoo UUIDThis is the main ID that integration partners need to use to get trip updates via API.

This is also the ID sent to Fleets.
display_trip_idThis is a more human readable version of the UUID. It is the last 8 characters of the 'id'.Primarily used in Karhoo Operations tools.

Not sent to Fleets.
external_trip_idThis is the trip ID received from the Supply Partner (Fleet). Format varies by Fleet.Karhoo the id and partner_trip_id to the Fleet. However, in the Fleet's system the CS agents or Drivers might not always have these IDs readily available.
Therefore when contacting a Fleet, having this external_trip_id available is recommended.
partner_trip_idThis is the trip reference provided by the Demand PartnerThis is a reference provided by Demand Partners.

This ID is also sent to Fleets.
follow_codeThis is another Karhoo UUID that can be used by unauthenticated Users to access. See also
Access with this endpoint is restricted after certain time period for data security.
Together with the base URL ({follow_code}) this can be included in communication to passengers for them to track the trip