Email and SMS Notification options by Karhoo

Karhoo Notification

The Karhoo Platform has the ability to send Notifications to Passengers as well as Agents of Demand Partners.
At the same time, Karhoo has requested Fleets not to send any direct communication to the passenger in the form of Emails or Driver tracking SMS.

Below is an outline of the different notification Karhoo is able to send and options for Demand Partners.

Karhoo SMS Notification Options

Trip StatusSMS optionStandard text
Driver en-routeYesYour [FleetName] driver is en route. [VehicleDescription]. Your driver's name is [DriverName]. Meeting point: [Meeting point] [FollowTrip URL]
Driver arrivedYesYour [FleetName] driver has arrived. [VehicleDescription]. Your driver's name is [DriverName]. Meeting point: [Meeting point] [FollowTrip URL]
Vehicle changedYesYour driver has changed. [VehicleDescription]. Your new driver's name is [DriverName]. [FollowTrip URL]
Cancelled by DispatchYesWe're sorry, [FleetName] has cancelled your ride. Please book again.
Cancelled by FleetYesWe are sorry, [Fleet Name] has cancelled your booking.

Sender ID
The SMS sender can also be configured to be Demand Partner e.g. AcmeCorp. Anything under 11 characters.

SMS Notifications in Trip Flow

Normal flow:


Normal flow

Vehicle changed flow:


Vehicle changed flow

Trip canceled flow:


Trip canceled flow

Karhoo Email Notification Options

Karhoo can also send Booking confirmation or Receipt emails to customers.

Typically these emails are highly branded and these are sent by the Demand Partner themselves. However, these are customisation options. Below is an example of 'MonChauffeur' - a Joint Venture between the French railway operator SNCF and Karhoo - where ultimately Karhoo is sending emails on behalf of the JV.
Also we have default Email templates under Karhoo brand, which can be switched on for any demand partner, who hasn't their own templates. You can see some of them below in Default Templates section


Email received from 'Mon Chauffeur' including branding.

Email Notification Options:

Trip statusEmail Option
Booking ConfirmedYes
Canceled by UserYes
Payment preauth (success)Yes
Payment preauth (failed)Yes
CompleteYes (receipt)

Email Notifications in Trip Flow


Email Notifications in trip flow

Customisation options

When information is sent can be easily configured, as in the table above.

Karhoo can customise any email and SMS template in coordination with partner requirements. Please contact Karhoo via your Account Manager to discuss the option.

Karhoo is working towards capabilities to self-manage these templates, for the time being, these need to be individually created and saved as templates.

Copy of Emails sent to Agent

Furthermore, Karhoo can send copies of emails to specified email addresses. This is primarily used by Partners who book on behalf of their customers and wish to receive a copy of the booking confirmation Email or alerted in case of cancellation.

Please contact Karhoo via your Account Manager to discuss the option.

Follow page

Karhoo can (optionally) include a 'follow page' to a communication. This page is karhoo-hosted and non-branded site that contains the most basic trip details and most important *driver tracking .

Below is an example of the basic Follow page as viewed from a mobile device. Key trip details but no information regarding pricing or branding:

  • Fleet name
  • Trip Status
  • Pickup and Dropoff
  • Meeting Point description (where applicable)
  • Driver GPS location on Map
  • ETA
  • Driver & Vehicle details & phone number (where applicable)
  • Fleet contact number

Screenshot of Follow Page while Driver en-route (Sandbox)

The page is translated in all Karhoo supported languages and the customer will see it in the language they used to make the booking.

Default Email templates examples

Booking Confirmation


Booking cancellation


Payment authorisation successful




Default SMS examples

Booking Confirmed


Driver in route


Driver arrived