Deeplink to trip create page


Detailed information about deeplink structure and allowed parameters can be find here

Trip create page usually displays an empty booking form. A deeplink gives a way to prefill a known information of a journey and leave unknown information for user to input manually.

Parameters to deeplink to this page must follow /trip-details

In case of any journey legs are valid, a user would get an empty form with ability to enter his booking details manually.


Same rules as Deeplink to landing page apply here, but only first valid journey leg will be used for prefilling data on a trip create page.

For example,

Parameters providedValidation resultPrefilling form result
leg-1-pickup, leg-1-pickup-time, booking-type=PRE-BOOKtrueFrom, Date and Time fields in the form will be prefilled
leg-1-pickup-kpoi, leg-1-pickup-timetrueFrom, Date and Time fields in the form will be prefilled
leg-1-dropoff, leg-2-pickup, leg-2-pickup-timetrueTo field with data from leg-1 will be prefilled
leg-1-pickup, leg-1-dropoff, leg-2-pickup, leg-2-pickup-timetrueFrom, Date and Time fields with data from leg-2 will be prefilled

leg-1 is not valid