Trip States

A guide to understanding the lifecycle of a booking

The status of the Booking Request will be one of the following:

Booking StatusDescription
The request was sent to the Dispatch and is waiting for their confirmation.
CONFIRMEDThe request has been accepted by Dispatch and they will allocate a driver.
DRIVER_EN_ROUTEA driver is “en route” to the start location. This state can occur multiple times in case of a driver re-assignment.
ARRIVEDThe driver has arrived. This state might be skipped in some cases.
POBPassenger is in the vehicle and the ride has “started”.
COMPLETEDPassenger has reached their destination.
NO_DRIVERS_AVAILABLEThe request was unfulfilled because no driver was available.
DRIVER_CANCELLEDThe request has been cancelled by Dispatch or driver.
BOOKER_CANCELLEDThe request has been cancelled by the rider.
KARHOO_CANCELLEDThe request has been cancelled by Karhoo.
FAILEDThere was an internal error with the booking.

State Details

The StateDetails field on the bookings API contains addition information about the state. Depending on the state of the trip this contains different clarifying state details.

Cancellation Reasons

If the trip is in a cancelled state the StateDetails field will contain the reason for the trip cancellation, which can have different values based on who cancelled the trip. The list of possible cancellation reasons can be seen in the documentation hereabove the state details field in the response.

Other State Details

Follow On

The state detail value FOLLOW_ON signifies that the driver is completing a previous trip before coming to the pickup location. This state detail will only be present when the trip state is DRIVER_EN_ROUTE. The following shows how to interpret this information:

State DRIVER_EN_ROUTE + StateDetails FOLLOW_ON = Driver is still finishing previous trip and will navigate to your passengers pickup location when done. Once the driver finished previous ride, the state details field will be cleared.

State DRIVER_EN_ROUTE + StateDetails empty/not set = Driver has dropped off previous passenger and is now en route to your passengers pickup location.