Trip States

A guide to understanding the lifecycle of a booking

The status of the Booking Request will be one of the following:

Booking StatusDescription
The request was sent to the Dispatch and is waiting for their confirmation.
CONFIRMEDThe request has been accepted by Dispatch and they will allocate a driver.
DRIVER_EN_ROUTEA driver is “en route” to the start location. This state can occur multiple times in case of a driver re-assignment.
ARRIVEDThe driver has arrived. This state might be skipped in some cases.
POBPassenger is in the vehicle and the ride has “started”.
COMPLETEDPassenger has reached their destination.
NO_DRIVERS_AVAILABLEThe request was unfulfilled because no driver was available.
DRIVER_CANCELLEDThe request has been cancelled by Dispatch or driver.
BOOKER_CANCELLEDThe request has been cancelled by the rider.
KARHOO_CANCELLEDThe request has been cancelled by Karhoo.
FAILEDThere was an internal error with the booking.