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Trip updates

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  2. Get quotes
  3. Book a trip
  4. Trip updates
  5. Trip completion

Once a trip is booked, there are no further required steps before completion. However, during the trip there are often a number of tasks that might need to be performed, depending upon user needs or for creating a richer user experience.

Related tasks

Get the location of a trip

Call the /bookings/{id}/track endpoint. The {id} parameter is the Booking ID. The response will contain the location of the vehicle serving an in-progress booking.

Cancel a trip

Call the /bookings/{id}/cancel endpoint. The {id} parameter is the Booking ID. A reason for cancelling the trip is required in the body of the post.



API reference

Errors reference



Bookings Errors


Some potential errors you might encounter are:



Invalid request payload

Check the request body for invalid parameter names or values.

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