Quote service latency

The Karhoo Quotes API provides Demand Partners with a list of quotes aggregated from all available Supply Partner Fleets.

Developers working with the Karhoo Platform will be able to observe a discrepancy between the behaviour of the same Platform requests between testing in the Sandbox environment and real-world usage of the Production environment.

The Sandbox environment provides quotes generated by a DMS simulator. These requests respond very quickly, typically < 200ms. Client logic implemented against this behaviour will typically underperform in the Production environment where quote requests take upwards of 2-3 seconds to fulfil.

Cause of quoting latency

The Sandbox environment simulates DMS Fleets and the Production environment uses real DMS fleets. This means the Production environment is more complex and involves more network interactions than the Sandbox one.


The Quotes API in Sandbox has a single, local network interaction fo a simulated DMS with near-instantaneous response times.



In Production, the total quoting latency is the product of all round-trip time for requests from the backend of the Quotes API to real-world Supply Partner DMS endpoints.



Most Demand Partner developers should wait 2-3 seconds between requesting a quote and polling for responses to that request.

Partners with requirements for lower-latency interactions should reach out to the Karhoo team to discuss alternatives.