Choosing the best approach

Demand Partner Mobile Developers have three options for integrating the Karhoo APIs into their mobile apps and experiences:

  • Karhoo Booking drop-in
  • Karhoo Network SDK
  • Direct integration with the Karhoo APIs


Karhoo recommends using the Drop-in unless there is an explicit need for more control over the user experience or if you are using other partners than Karhoo for your ride-hailing feature.


SDK advantages

The Karhoo Mobile Booking Drop-in and Network SDKs both encapsulate the Karhoo APIs in easy-to-integrate
modules that abstract away the complexities of the Karhoo APIs.

The Network SDK provides the direct link to our APIs without the time or effort required with a direct API integration.

Our Booking Drop-in SDK adds to the Network SDK and provides the building blocks for you to create a seamless booking UX experience that integrates perfectly into your own application as a seamless feature.

Why use the SDKs


Karhoo's simple and quick integration process gets Demand Partner Developers up and running in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

Cost savings

Karhoo handles the ongoing maintenance so Partner's Developers always get the latest version, saving time, money, and resources in the short and long run.


Use the Karhoo white-label UI or your own UI, the SDKs allow for the choice to design, and customise the experience that Partners care about for their customers.

Supported platforms and sizes

We have built our SDKs to be as lightweight as possible, and we carry out work on a continual basis to minimise their size.