Vehicle Type & Tags

Vehicle Types

Karhoo maintains a list of standard product types and tags into which each Fleet options are mapped. To be considered each supplier has to conform to local licensing and regulations for private hire and metered taxi.


How does this differ from Karhoo's Vehicle Class?

Vehicle Class is used to match an e-hailing app experience where most details of what you'll get are represented by a single term like Electric, or Saloon.

We discourage using Vehicle Class as it limits flexibility for vehicle combinations. For example we can only describe an electric MPV as Electric using Vehicle Class whereas using the combination of Vehicle Type and Vehicle Tag gives you all combinations of electric vehicles.

Vehicle TypeDescription
motoA vehicle with two wheels.
standardThe most common or standard vehicle for a local region. For example in the UK standard would be considered a Saloon whereas in the US this is a Sedan.
mpvTypically a large or oversized vehicle with additional capacity.
busThe largest type of vehicle with capacities greater than 6 passengers or standard pieces of luggage.

Vehicle Tags

Vehicle Type alone is not enough to describe the full capabilities of our Supply Partners. Booking through Karhoo is not just about transit capacity, we also want to provide our Demand Partners a rich marketplace that evolves with the changing ground transportation environment. Thus we are also introducing Vehicle Tags.

Here are a few common properties widely supported by many of our mobility providers that you can use to improve the booking experience:

Vehicle TagDescription
electricA fully battery electric vehicle.
hybridA mixed hybrid combustion vehicle.
wheelchairA vehicle equipped to handle wheelchairs.
child-seatProvides a child seat.
taxiA vehicle with a regulated metered fare.
executiveDescribes a premium model of vehicle.
luxuryThe highest quality vehicle offered in a region.

Object Examples

    "vehicle": {
        "class": "electric",
        "passenger_capacity": 3,
        "luggage_capacity": 2,
        "tags": [
          "electric", "taxi"