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Introduction to Mobile Pre-built UI SDK

The Karhoo Mobile UI SDK offers an end-to-end cab booking experience, from quoting to driver tracking. It enables our partners to add Karhoo Mobility Exchange functionality into their own apps - without any additional maintenance or redesign.

With the Karhoo Mobile UI SDK, you can:

  • Quickly build white-labelled apps
  • View/Update your card details
  • Retrieve quotes
  • Book a trip (ASAP/Prebook)
  • Receive trip updates
  • Track driver
  • See current and past bookings
  • Rating your trip

The SDKs are kept up to date with changes to the Karhoo Platform and the native mobile platform changes. With our Sandbox environment, partners can get up and running with end-to-end test integrations before going live.

Steps to take and things to know before using the SDK

Configure the SDK, choose the authentication method

Implementation options

There are two implementation options:

that can be incorporated into an app. These screens enable you to create a seamless mobility experience quickly and without extensive front-end development work.

provides the building blocks for you to use in order to use in your screens to build a mobility experience. It gives you more control over how the UI looks and the user experience.


The colours, fonts and icons in the UISDK can be customised.

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Introduction to Mobile Pre-built UI SDK

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