Trip completion

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With the trip completed, there are final set of tasks to finalise the financial transactions and to provide feedback.


The final billing price will be fixed 60 minutes after the trip status becomes “COMPLETED”. This can be polled for on the Bookings endpoint.

Trip completion

Due to the asynchronous nature of the way Supply Partners arrive at final fares, it's not always possible to immediately provide a ‘final fare’. This may be due to a number of reasons including the addition of extras, such as ‘Waiting Time’ that may be added to a trip after it has completed.

Therefore the Karhoo APIs provide the final-fare endpoint. This provides en expected time to a final fare, a fare status and ultimately a fare breakdown that includes fares, services, extras and expenses. The overall total is the sum of each fare components net_price and tax_amount

Related tasks

Get booking details

Given a Booking ID, the Get Booking Details API endpoint gives details and status of an existing booking.

Final payment

After completing a journey, users typically need to pay for the service rendered. Many of Karhoo's Demand Partners have their own payment solutions and therefore integrate their own payment flow into the application. Details on settling payments with Karhoo and information about Karhoo's Payment API are available when onboarding to the Karhoo Production environment. Please reach out to the Karhoo team for details.


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Some potential errors you might encounter are:

Invalid request payloadCheck the request body for invalid parameter names or values.