Airport Flows

Airport Flows

Flight Number

Karhoo passes on the Flight number to the Fleet. The Demand partner needs to ensure that Flight number is correct and valid.
Flight number validation: Currently there is no validation of the flight number, however Fleets might not be able to track if its not in the typical BA1234 or EZY1234 code

Flight tracking

Karhoo does not directly provide Flight tracking/updates on any delays. The expectation is that this is done by the Fleet. Karhoo is in the process to expose Fleet capabilities to partners to make Flight tracking more explicit.

Flight pickup time

Karhoo does not have any default ‘delays’ per airports.

  • In case a flight number is provided: The expectation is that Fleets have the best local knowledge and understand best when to allocate a driver
  • In case a flight number is NOT provided: The provided time is the pickup time


Driver allocation timings

Depending on the Fleet and airport, this could mean that a Driver is not allocated/en-route until shortly before. E.g if a local taxi fleet has 20 vehicles on stand-by at any given time, a driver might only be allocated 10mins before scheduled/calculated pickup time.

Pickup type

Karhoo offers Fleets that either do Meet & Greet, Curbside pickup, Standby or Default (i.e. not specified). This is specified in the "pick_up_type" in the Quote object. Meet & Greet services are included in the price.

Waiting times

Included free waiting time is dependent per Fleet and is currently not passed on separately in the API. We suggest to either refer the customer to the T&Cs or set a minimum that is applicable to all selected Fleets. (please discuss with your Karhoo Account Manager)

Airport Meeting Type

Pickup type

Karhoo offers Fleets that provide one of:

  • MEET_AND_GREET - Driver will await passenger in Airport (following meeting point instructions)
  • STAND_BY - Passenger is expected to call Driver once passed security
  • CURB_SIDE - Driver will wait outside.
  • DEFAULT (i.e. not specified)

This is specified in the "pick_up_type" in the Quote object or “type” in the Bookings object:

"pick_up_type": "MEET_AND_GREET",
"meeting_point": {
     "position": {...},
      "type": "MEET_AND_GREET",

Note that Meet & Greet services are included in quoted prices, they are currently not a bookable extra.