Integration via deeplink v2

Through deep links, Travellers will be presented a set of relevant options allowing them to speed up the entry of what they want to purchase.


About a deep link

A deep link is a link that takes you to an entry point of a booking web application. It looks like a normal URL with a query string.

The Karhoo deep link format is the following:




Note: A deep link query params are case insensitive. Thus, <Query-Param-1> would be equal to <query-param-1>.

For example, a deep link to landing page would look like ?leg-1-pickup=Mercure%20Paris%20Hotel&leg-1-pickup-time=2020-08-09T18:31:42-03:30&leg-1-M-train=4312&leg-1-M-train-time=2020-08-09T17:31:42-03:30&leg-1-M-passengers=2&leg-1-M-luggage=2&leg-1-dropoff=45+Rue+du+Dr+Babinski%2C+75018+Paris&traveller-locale=en-GB&booking-type=PRE-BOOK

More examples of deeplinking to different entry points of the application you may find on pages Deeplink to landing page, Deeplink to trip create page, Deeplink to quotes page.