Build mobile apps using our SDKs

The Karhoo mobile SDKs for iOS and Android minimise the effort required to build branded ride-hailing mobile apps and experiences from months to a sprint.

The Karhoo Mobile SDKs offer an end-to-end cab booking experience. They enable Karhoo Partners to add Karhoo Mobility Exchange functionality into their own native apps without any additional maintenance. The SDKs handle the data models, networking, business logic and the other challenges that come with a direct API integration leaving you with more time to focus on making your users experience fantastic.

The SDKs are kept up to date with changes to the Karhoo Platform and native mobile platform changes. With our Sandbox environment you can get up and running in no time. Sandbox provides the functionality to test the integration end to end before going live.

Our Booking Drop-in contains all the steps from booking a taxi to tracking the trip with the same quality as the most popular e-hailing applications.

Our Key features include:

  • ASAP and Pre-book trips
  • End-to-end trip tracking
  • Trip status notifications (push notifications available via webhooks)
  • Stored payment methods
  • Injectable booking details
  • Light weight

On top of that, with some additional configuration, we offer tight integration features for an amazing customer experience:

  • Silent login - Your users personal details will be pre-populated in our checkout step
  • Loyalty points system - Earn and Burn points from the partner's loyalty program

SDK capabilities demonstration

Make a booking ASAP

Make a booking for later