Deeplink to quotes page


Detailed information about deeplink structure and allowed parameters can be found here

Quotes page displays a list of available quotes. To deeplink to this page, the parameters passed must follow /quotes


In order to make a deep link valid, pickup and dropoff information must be provided to first valid journey leg as well as a time for a corresponding location.

Pickup information should be provided via OR pickup-place_id OR pickup-kpoi OR pickup-lat and pickup-lng parameters.

Time for a corresponding location should be provided pickup-time parameter. It can be ignored if booking-type is ASAP.

Dropoff information should be provided via dropoff-place_id OR dropoff-kpoi OR dropoff-lat and dropoff-lng parameters.

In case of any journey legs are valid, a user would be redirected to an empty form with ability to enter his booking details manually.


Please be aware that pickup and dropoff (with a display address) parameters are not accepted for a deeplink to quotes page.