Address screen

The address screen allows the user to select an address. This screen plugs into the address API on the Karhoo exchange. For each login session the last 5 searches are cached for the users. When the preferences are cleared for the application, these cached addresses will also be removed.

From the booking screen the user can select a pickup point, a destination and a booking time ("ASAP" if left blank). They will then receive a list of quotes and be able to select one to book.


On the booking screen there is an address picker. When the user decides to select their pickup or drop-off the address screen is launched. The address screen is the default launcher for the address picker but can be overridden in the routing layer.




Address auto-complete

Auto-complete is activated as soon as 3 letters are entered in an address search field.

Recent Addresses

The user is able to view and select the 5 most recently used addresses.

Clear Address

The user is able to clear their current inputted address instantly

Airport Icons

When the user searches up an Airport address, they will be marked with a airplane icon to show that more clearly next to the address.