Additional Feedback screen

The Additional Feedback screen allows users to give more detailed feedback on their past rides than what the standard rating offers.


A user can get to this screen by heading to one of their past completed rides, giving the trip a star rating of their choice to which an Additional Feedback button will appear on screen.

Once pressed, this will take the user to the Additional Feedback screen which will list 4 extra star ratings with text boxes below them, a trip-id will also been shown at the bottom.

Once all questions filled and ratings given, the Submit Feedback button will be enabled and the user will be returned to the selected past ride with a message stating: “Thank you for submitting your feedback.”


RatingUsers can give ratings for separate questions, rating their overall experience relating those questions.
Submit onceUsers can only submit their feedback once per session for each past trip. They are only able to change their given feedback by re-submitting when the app is closed and re-opened.