Ride Details screen

The ride details screen provides a breakdown of the trip details for an upcoming or past ride. The user can track the ride by opening the Trip screen, cancel an upcoming ride, contact the driver of an upcoming ride.


When a user books a prebook journey there is an option to select the ride details for the currently booked trip. There is no ride list, it goes directly to the trips details for the booked trip.


Re-book rideUsing an existing ride, the user is able to quickly re-book a trip with the same pick-up and drop-off locations.
Cancel trips / pre-bookingsThe user is able to cancel the booking while a car is being allocated, when the driver is en-route or even when the driver has arrived from the ride options menu.
Additional FeedbackUsers can give additional feedback along with their trip rating for a more detailed view of what their opinion was of the fleet they used.