Get an Access Token

To request an access token you will need to call this endpoint. You must provide a username and password. You will receive an access_token (in JSON Web Token format) and also a refresh_token.
When the access_token expires, you can either: call this endpoint again or call /refresh passing the refresh_token as a parameter. The later method, allows you to obtain a new token without the username and password. This is intended primarily for mobile apps. It is not recommended for other API users, but you may use it at your discretion.


To use this API you need to have a valid username and password. See: How to get access to the platform


Bearer Token

Please note that Karhoo uses Bearer Tokens. This endpoint returns the token, the type Bearer needs to be added to the authorisation: authorization: Bearer <token>. When using the Developer Portal without login in, this needs tom be added manually.

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