Booking screen

The booking screen is the main entry point to the UISDK.


Location Permission Access

The booking screen expects that the app has been granted location permissions. If these haven't been granted then the user will be unable to use the map to select an address and the pickup address will not default to the user's location.

From the booking screen the user can select a pickup point, a destination and a booking time ("ASAP" if left blank). They will then receive a list of quotes and be able to select one to book.

Primary flow

The booking screen has 3 exit points (4 Side menu dependent) to which defaults are provided:

  • Trip screen
  • Address screen
  • Ridescreen

It also has a pop up that can take the users to the Ride Details screen for a particular trip that has been pre-booked.

Alternate callback flow

The booking screen can be called with the flow returning to your app upon the point of booking, rather than directing toward the trip screen for tracking to continue within the Karhoo UISDK.

Alternate guest user flow

Authenticated users will have their details available for booking but this is not the case for guest users. Guest users will be taken to a form where they can fill in their details e.g. first name, last name, email address, contact details as well as optional comments and flight number when applicable. They will also be able to add a payment option to pay for the booking. The same payment options will be available as for authenticated users.


Side menuA slide out menu (can be switched on or off) that gives access to a users rides, profile, support or app information
Reverse Geolocation / locate meThrough reverse geo-location, the user can book a ride from their current location so they don’t have to enter the pick-up location manually. The pick up location pin can also be moved resulting in the pick up address field automatically updating to match the location of the pin.
Prebook bookingThe user can book a ride for a future date. Users can book a full year ahead of time.
ASAP bookingThe user can book a ride to arrive as soon as possible. Occurs when no pre-book time is given.
Address swapThe user can swap pick up and drop off locations with one tap.
Sorting quotes by ETA / Price / vehicle categoryThe user can order quotes based on price, ETA or car category depending on the criteria that matters most to them. Empty vehicle categories will automatically be made unclickable.
Pick-Up TypePick-up type shows on quotes from when a destination or pickup includes an Airport. This can be shown in a grey label on the quote itself which allows the user to know how they will be picked up, such as ‘Meet and Greet’ for example.
Expansion of quote listThe user can see the full list of quotes if they’d like to browse the whole inventory; by default, Karhoo displays a shorter list of most relevant quotes only.