Retrieve Quote List

Get the trip quotes for the given ID.
The response payload will contain a list of quotes that is asynchronously populated. It will be updated with additional records as more responses are received from our fleet partners. This should happen reasonably quickly but demand partners may have constraints on their side that cause delays. So you should poll for updates for the longest period that your service performance allows.
You could keep polling while the status is “Progressing”. After 30 seconds the status will change to “Complete”, and the quote list items will no longer be updated. The status of “Complete” might occur before 30 seconds, if the Karhoo system has received a quote from all available fleets in the area.
Each line in the quote list will contain features of the quoted vehicle. Such as the type of vehicle and its capacity (maximum number of passengers and luggage) and other properties like whether it's electric or wheelchair accessible listed as tags. So, if you want a feature or minimum capacity you will need to filter this list.

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