Mobile SDKs releases #15

October 21th, 2022 - New versions of Karhoo SDKs are available

Karhoo UI SDK: Check out the developer documentation to learn how to develop with the UI SDK:

  • iOS SDK v1.7.0

  • Android SDK v1.6.0

  • iOS UI SDK v1.9.4

  • Android UI SDK v1.7.4

What's New?

  • Added new logic that handles Karhoo access token refreshing to cover scenarios where we can't use a refresh token. We added a method called requireSDKAuthentication that takes a callback as a parameter. What you'll need to do is invoke it after you refresh your access token and re-login to the SDKs. For more details and code examples please see our UISDK documentation if you opted for our drop in and our network SDK documentation if you chose to create your own UI.

Android specific bug-fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed a bug that sent the user to a page without quotes when they clicked on re-book from the details of a journey

iOS specific bug-fixes and enhancements

  • Renamed our assets to start with the khuisdk prefix and also to make all the names snake_case. In case of icon overrides, please check how they are called now and rename them on your side to ensure proper customisation
  • Fixed deprecated dependency declarations in Packages.swift