Mobile SDKs releases #14

October 6th, 2022 - New versions of Karhoo SDKs are available

Karhoo UI SDK: Check out the developer documentation to learn how to develop with the UI SDK:

  • iOS UI SDK v1.9.3
  • Android UI SDK v1.7.3

What's New?

Android specific bug-fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed an issue with quote filtering in other languages than English
  • Fixed the price format in the new quote list based on the device's locale
  • Adapted the error messaging for when no fleets are available to separate ASAP from prebook phrasing
  • Fixed a bug where the passenger details weren't properly passed to the checkout when starting the booking flow from the rides list screen
  • Added a title to the checkout screen
  • Added a navigation bar to the screens opened from the About option in the side menu
  • Updated the target API to 33

iOS specific bug-fixes and enhancements

  • Bumped the minimum supported iOS version to 13.0
  • Improved focus and user location handling in the initial map view as well as in the track ride screen
  • Improved the loyalty UI so that the user doesn't see the default number of points (0) until the proper value is retrieved from the backend
  • Fixed a bug where the navigation bar would lose its color when going back from the checkout screen to the quote list
  • Fixed a bug where the vehicle extras weren't being renderer correctly in the checkout when expanding the learn more section
  • Fixed a bug where the next ride wasn't being shown when opening the ride list until the component was closed and reopened
  • Made small improvements to some translations related to checkout and the quote list