Expanding Webhooks with Driver GPS event and subscription Topics

What’s new?

  • Webhook subscriptions can now be registered with a list of topics allowing you to specify which updates you want to receive.
  • A new webhook type, DriverPositionChanged has been added allowing you to receive webhooks updates for driver location.
  • The ability to have and manage multiple webhook subscriptions at once

Webhook topics

When creating a webhook subscription you can now supply a list of topics you'd like to receive updates for. There are 4 available topics:

  • TripStatus
  • DriverDetails
  • FinalFare
  • DriverPositionChanged

For more details on creating webhook subscriptions see our documentation here

New DriverPositionChanged event

By subscribing to the new DriverPositionChanged topic you can now receive driver GPS updates via webhooks. You can find details on this new event here

Creating and managing multiple subscriptions

The webhooks API now supports the ability to create multiple subscriptions for the same organisation. Each subscription can have different URLs and topics.

The Get endpoint now returns a list of all active subscriptions for your organisation, as well as the subscription ID allowing you to disable individual subscriptions.